Creating Fresh and Tasty foods that Kids will Love!

For example:

World Flavors Series

  • The Mediterranean: Horiatiki, Tzatziki and More! How to achieve Maximum Deliciocity, emphasizing Mediterranean Ingredients and Favors
  • Salsa! Five Mexican Style Salsas from One Master Recipe
  • Roasted Vegetables: Delicious & Easy Vegetable Roasting Techniques & Ideas from Down the Street and Around the World


Team Builders

Pull the whole crew together for a fun and educational way to build the team! Awesome at start-up or a fun way to get in the team spirit at mid-year.

This class is less about technical skills and more about reaching a tasty goal as a team. The event starts with a lecture time about taste physiology, flavor-building concepts and review the pantry items everyone will have access to. I will count off each person to create randomized teams and its off to the kitchen for a fun “Mystery Basket” cooking experience. Teams will have time to look over a bunch of fresh, whole food ingredients, then the team each convene to determine what dish they will make together. Could be a cold salad, salsa or roasted veggie medley. Each team is required to come up with a fun, kid-enticing name, a menu style description of the dish, a recipe for the dish and be prepared to share out at the end what inspired the dish and how it all came together.