What is The “LIVE-SETTING” Approach

These trainings are scheduled during the regular live production day, and are completely customized to work with your equipment, in your environment, to meet your team’s most urgent training needs, all during live production. 

Keep earning valuable reimbursements while training your team during their normal work hours. No staff overtime or extra time required!

Results you can expect:

  • The kitchen team will learn to prepare an entire custom, scratch cooked, whole foods based, child nutrition compliant menu, that they will be equipped to reproduce the on their own in the future.
  • The menu can be designed to incorporate local foods to add the Farm to School element giving you something positive to promote in your learning community.
  • Learn to process, prepare and season whole foods so they look and taste great to kids.
  • Learn new ideas to utilize more whole, fresh foods in your menus that your kids will actually eat! 
  • How to process fruits and vegetables with a knife and other pieces of equipment for maximum efficiency.
  • Demystify sodium’s critical role in cooking and how to use it wisely in a school food environment to meet regs and make whole foods taste great!
  • Learn to maximize sodium’s benefit by incorporating other flavor builders such as acid, sweet, bitter and umami.

When is the best time to schedule:

“LIVE-SETTING” event are designed so you can train your team on any regular work day while school is in session. No need to wait for half or off-days.

Why choose “Live-Setting”: 

  • You want the freedom to schedule trainings anytime you want! No need to wait for half or off-days to train your people.
  • You want your team to learn foundational cooking skills that they will use everyday.
  • You want the satisfaction of seeing your team produce a beautiful, scratch cooked menu from start to finish then watch it served to real students. 
  • You want to continue collecting your valuable meal reimbursements while training. 
  • You don’t want to pay out any additional labor dollars to pay for extra time after regular work hours. Live-Setting trainings occur during the employees regular work day.
  • Because everything is customized to your operation to address your greatest training challenges.


Some advanced pre-planning plus the duration of an entire workday on the day of the “Live-Setting” event.


Your school kitchen of choice. These training are intended to be inserted into an established kitchen team’s regular work environment. 

More Details:

Here are some specific examples of this style of class:

Overview of the “Live-Setting” Approach 

Recap of an actual “Live-Setting” training