Focus on the FOOD FIRST and Success Will Follow!

Focus on the FOOD FIRST and Success Will Follow!

Here is an Ideal State to Work Towards if You’re Not Already There.

  • Everyday we make and serve beautiful, delicious foods!
  • Program participation levels are high because kids LOVE the food!
  • Program operates within budget.
  • We are always ready for the next audit.
  • Staff pride, competence, and confidence is high and is always improving.
  • Our parents, community, and other stakeholders are proud supporters of the work we’re doing because it’s inspiring!

Where do you have gaps in achieving a vision like this?

Remember, It’s All About the FOOD!

  1. Serve more WHOLE FOODS: Increase the use of whole foods and decrease the use of processed foods.
  2. Do more SCRATCH COOKING: Cook from scratch whenever possible.
  3. Start a FARM TO SCHOOL Program: Start procuring what you can locally, as much as you can.
  4. Do a little MARKETING: Shout all your effort from the rooftops!

You might ask, but what about the budget?

Plan your cycle menus (food) well. Procure and handle and manage the food carefully. Skillfully prepare and serve the food in fresh and tasty ways. Proclaim all of your food-focused improvement efforts to your community. Soon you will have a steady stream of happy customers who will make budget frustrations a thing of the past!

Maybe it just sounds too good to be true. I hear that, but it’s something I have seen work over and over again.

Focus on FOOD and SUCCESS will follow! Take one more look at that vision statement… That vision can be your school district’s reality!

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